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Title: Crazed Man Chased By Police

Category: Police Videos

Views: 915

A man with a bit of firepower is chased by the police after he opens fire on them.

Title: Police Chase Meat Thief

Category: Police Videos

Views: 889

Police chase after a man who stole some meat and then fought with officers in this police video.

Title: COPS Iraq Edition

Category: Police Videos

Views: 763

A funny parody of the COPS opening theme showing various clips from soldiers in Iraq.

Title: Police Officer Interrupts Party

Category: Police Videos

Views: 936

A police officer in my hometown of Denton, Texas interrupts a party of what is probably full of underage attendees. Did he enter the house without merit? We'll never know as we didn't see that part of the video.

Title: Violent Arrest: Cops take thief into custody

Category: Police Videos

Views: 1029

Police chase a thief and after he crashes his van, even then he still resists arrest